Monday, January 5, 2009

How To Change Your Thinking And Unlock Your Full Potential

You have full responsibility for your life. The way you think play a major, significant role on whatever you become in life. Greatness is an offshoot of how you think. So is under-achievement and failure. As a man thinks in his heart so is he. Do you know that the way you think and feel about yourself including your belief and expectations about what is possible for you determines everything you do and everything that happens to you? Do you know that when you change the quality of your thinking you can change the quality of your life?
There is one thing I know you have complete and absolute control over in the universe. That is your thinking. You are the only one who decide what you are going to think in any given situation. Your thought have powerful influence on your feelings whether positive or negative. All your actions spring from your thoughts and feeling which in turn determines the result and reward you get.

Get More Power Through Positive Thinking
You will have more power and influence if you learn to think positively against all odds. Positive thoughts enhance your life. It empowers you and make you feel stronger and more confident. Positive thinking have measurable constructive effects on your personality, your health, levels of energy and creativity. Happiness is a by-product of positive thinking. The more positive and optimistic you are, the happier you will be in every area of your life.

Get Negative Thoughts Out Of Your Mind
For you to stay positive always, you must get negative thoughts out of your mind as fast as possible. Negative thoughts bring opposite results to positive thinking. It dis-empowers you and make you feel weaker and less confident.
Negative thoughts take your power away whenever you think or say something negative.
Negative thoughts make you angry and defensive. You feel frustrated and unhappy. With time, negative thinking can make you physically ill and poison your relationships.

See the damage negative thinking does to you in summary.
(1) It renders you powerless
(2) It makes you angry and defensive
(3) You feel frustrated and unhappy
(4) It makes you physically ill
(5) It poisons your relationship

Do you see that list? Those 5 powerful effects of negative thinking can shorten your life.
You now have the responsibility to eliminate negative thinking from your mind permanently. Brian Tracy says ‘ the elimination of negative emotions is the most important single step you can take toward health, happiness and personal well-being.’

Decide To Choose Positive Thoughts TodayUse the law of substitution to eliminate negative thinking from your mind and replace them with positive thinking. The law of substitution says ‘ your mind can hold only one thought at a time- positive or negative’. You can substitute a positive thought for a negative thought whenever you choose. You can apply the law by deliberately thinking about something positive whenever you want to cancel out a thought or feeling that makes you angry or unhappy. Remember that your thought and feeling determine your actions which in turn form your habit. The law of habit says ‘ any thought or action that you repeat over and over will eventually become a new habit’.
Thinking and responding repeatedly in a positive way helps you to take control over your conscious mind. Very soon, it becomes automatic and easy to think and act in that manner. Your will power is developed as a result of that singular process. You can go ahead to develop new habits of thinking and acting in a positive way.

You Can Starve Your Negative Emotions To Death
If you think you cannot do away with negative thinking, perish the thought. The secret I want you to know is that all negative thoughts have been learned. You started learning them in your childhood. When you were born, you had none of them. In short, you can unlearn them just as you initially learned them. What has been learned can be unlearned. You will be amazed how quickly you can do away with negative thoughts once you decide on it right now. A great expert on success says ‘ you can learn any habit or skill that you consider to be either desirable or necessary. You can learn positive constructive ways of thinking about people, money, health and other things to cancel out negative ideas that limit your potential and interfere with your success’.
Another secret you should discover about negative ideas is that they are based on false premises. A new information will surely change such perception and make you change your thinking in an instant’.
Negative emotion cannot survive without your cooperation. You can starve your negative thinking by the application of the law of emotion. The law states that ; a stronger emotion will dominate and override a weaker emotion and whichever emotion you concentrate on grow and become stronger’. Any emotion you dwell upon for a long time eventually dominate your thinking.
Withdraw your emotion, anger and attention from the person or thing that makes you sad and watch the negative thought give way. This technique will work wonders for you. It is a promise. Try it.

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