Friday, October 9, 2009

Get This Book At 75% Discount

Dear Friend,
Magic Keys To Success is the title of my about-to-be-published E-Book which reveals time-tested, proven and ageless success principles of famous and highly successful people guaranteed to turn your life around positively whatever your present situation and vocation. You will be shocked by revelations in the book.

Why This Letter?
You are one of my very important personalities on my email list. As a friend, I think you should be the first beneficiary of this life-changing book.
For this reason, you have been chosen as one of those people to pay less for the book if you are ready to meet the conditions.

Where You Come In
Before telling you what you are going to do to have the powerful book delivered to your email box, let me reveal to you what you will find in the book:

10 Chapters Of Irresistible, Powerful And Life-Changing Success Secrets Of The Great And Wealth Building Principles Of Famous People

Yes. You read that sub-heading correctly. You will discover hidden success secrets of famous people in the book. You will knock your head for not having this kind of transformative information before now.
Here are some of the revelations you will find in the book:

• How To Use The Power Of Goals To Reach Your Dreamland
• How To Overcome Procrastination-Your Greatest Enemy Of Success
• How Not To Be A Failure-52 Path To Abundant Success
• 7 Financial Lessons Your Parents Never Taught You….Plus You’ll Never Be Taught At The Lagos Business School
• How To Develop Self-Confidence And Influence People Though Public Speaking
• How To Have Ambition-Your Miracle Trigger
• Budgeting Skills For Dummies-A Simple Plan For A Rosy Financial Future
• 10 Little Known Ways To Ensure You Are Never Broke Again Even Just With The Little You Earn Now
• 13 Shocking Reasons Responsible For Your Failure
• Multiple Skills For The Millenium,Multiple Streams Of Income For Unlimited Wealth

How To Order For The Book
The cover price of the book is N4,000. You enjoy the opportunity to get it at 75% discount i.e. N1,000 only.
Pay to GTB anywhere in Nigeria with the following details:
Account Name: Benard Solomon
Account Number:441-443681-110
After payment, send SMS to 08058534772 with your name and email address. Once I receive your payment notification, the book will be instantly delivered to your email box.

This offer is for 2 weeks. If you fail to grab this opportunity for whatever reason, you will have to pay N4,000 just like others.

Money Back Guarantee
My offer is backed with an iron-clad, no-question-asked, money back guarantee. The moment you are not satisfied with the book after reading it, just request for your money and it shall be given back to you without asking you why. You have a zero risk in this offer. So, grab your own copy without further delay.

P.S.: This offer is a special one for you as my V.I.P.

P.P.S: Paying N1000 for a N4,000 product is a good way to save money for a transformative book.
P.P.P.S.: No more reason for delay. Order for your copy immediately.

To Your Success,

Benard Solomon

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