Monday, July 20, 2009

Timeless Lessons From 7 Principles Of The Eagles

This topic is hot and has great life-changing impact. The first time I learnt about the 7 principles of the eagles was from a request by readers of Monday Tribune calling on the columnist of the financial tribune inspirati section-Lanre Oyetade to repeat his previous write up on this topic.
Yes. I made effort to get the full gist when he responded positively to the clarion call of the loyal readers.
It seems the lessons from the 7 principles of the eagles is timeless. Why I said so is not far fetched. Just recently, it was repeated again on the said column through popular demand.
What are these principles that makes the eagle so special. What lessons can we derive from them.
I will recall each principles and lessons we can all learn from the 7 principles of the eagles in a simple and easy to understand way.

1. The Eagle Flies At High Altitude And It does Alone. This is an amazing principle of the eagle which very few people can cope with. The eagle is not found among sparrows or other smaller birds. The eagles flies in altitude only one kind of bird can fly-the eagle. Never with other birds and never in flocks. What is the lesson here? If you ever want to do something great in life, learn to be alone and when you are with people, share your time with people of same ambition and desires

2. The Eagle Has Strong And Unbelievable Vision: This vision is so sharp to the extent that it can capture objects 5 kilometers from the air. No matter the obstacle, the eagle focus on its prey and does not back out until the prey is captured. Many obstacle will appear to distract you in life. Stay focused and never allow dissenting views and voices to deter you from your vital goals in life.

3. The Eagle Eats Fresh Prey. Vultures can feed on dead animals but not the eagle. The eagle is so choosy and special that it feeds on fresh prey only. What is the import of this principle to you? Stale information will never do you good. Update yourself regularly with fresh information from reliable sources. Research your subject areas and use it for maximum benefit.

4. The Eagle Gets Excited In The Midst Of Storm. Other animals can run from adversity but not the eagle. The eagle loves gathering cloud. In fact, it thrive best in the midst of storm and winds. How often do you allow opposition to discourage you? Learn from the eagle. Use life’s storm to be better, wiser, greater, wealthier and healthier. Challenges should be your stepping stone to your success and not to your destruction. Jesus Christ went to sleep in the midst of the storm instead of fretting like the disciples. Learn to rest and soar during the time of storm in your life. That is the secret of the eagle.

5. The Eagle Tests Before Trusting. There is a saying that says ‘trust but verify’. I believe it was coined from the principle of the eagle. This principle is peculiar to the female eagle which subject the male eagle to vigorous testing before allowing the male to mate with her. This principle could be applied in our relationship with others especially when we want to enter one kind of agreement or partnership with others. Test the commitment of people before you trust them with your time and resources.

6. The Eagles Prepares For Training: The male and female eagles takes the baby eagle to a mountain top at high altitude to prepare it for the challenge of flying at great heights. When the baby eagle is released, the free fall at first is frightening but the mother eagle soon come to the rescue and the process is repeated again until the baby eagle can fly alone at high altitude in the manner of the parents. Challenges of life are inevitable. It is a training period for higher responsibilities. The better you are at managing your battles in life, the wiser and more responsible you become. Preparation is vital for future success.

7. When The Eagle Feels Weak, And About To Die, He Retires To A Place Far Away In The Dark. The eagle does this to shed old wind and grow new ones. Stress and fatigue is part of life. There is need to learn how to retire to a quite place for periodic retreat and strategic thinking with planning. The freshness gained from such practice improves productivity and quality of life. It also prolongs life. Take time to refresh. It is and indispensable tool for success and longevity.

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