Friday, October 24, 2008

Decision-Proven Magic Key To Success

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Why do so many people fail perpetually and end their lives in frustration? What is the common enemy which every man must practically conquer? What is the quickest path to set feet on the pedestal of fortune and fame?
Several years ago, an analysis of over 25,000 men who had experienced failure was conducted in the U.S. In that prolonged study, it was discovered that lack of decision was the major reason responsible for their failure. In this one life you have, it is expedient for you to acquire the skill of taking prompt decisions on every area of your life. Your decisions should be timely, profitable and life enhancing. You need to build your capacity to take definite decisions so you can effortlessly overcome procrastination-the chief cause of under-achievement and failure.
The ability to take prompt decisions which are rarely changed will empower you to make fortunes beyond your wildest imagination. Such is the experience of hundreds of people who had accumulated fortunes well beyond the million dollar mark.
Widely recognized Internet personalities like Jimmy D. Brown, Yanik Silver, Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki and others to numerous to be mentioned speak glowingly of the successes they had recorded and the fortunes they had created for themselves and others over the years through the power of decisions.
Jim Rohn told a story about his former associates who kept wondering how he became so rich and successful within a short space of 5 years. He took a decision to be rich. He learned money management skills and how to run successful businesses. They refused to change their own ways and remained in the valley of indecision as regards those subject matter. While he became so rich and highly respected 5 years later, those former associates of his remained poor, frustrated and miserable.
Taking prompt decision exert great impact on you it changes your level and rating among others. It moves you forward and makes you fulfilled years after sowing the seed.
Here are other vital points you need to consider as you make effort to positively apply the teachings of this article:
(1) Majority of people who fail to succeed are generally easily influenced by the opinion of others

(2) Opinions are the cheapest commodity on earth

(3) If you are influenced by other people’s opinions. You will not succeed in any undertaking

(4) Keep your own counsel by reaching your own decisions and following them

(5) Take no one into confidence except your frustrated associates

(6) Thousands of men and women carry inferiority complexes with them all through life, because some well meaning but ignorant person destroyed their confidence through ‘opinion’ or ridicule

(7) Don’t disclose your purpose if you need facts or information from other people to enable you reach decisions.

(8) Keep your eyes and ears wide open and your mouth closed if you wish to acquire the habit of prompt decision

(9) Understand that genuine wisdom is usually conspicuous through modesty and silence

(10) Remember that if you talk about your plans too frequently you may be surprised when you learn that some other people has beaten you to your goal

It is now your duty to start taking decisions that will improve your life and make it count.

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