Monday, August 18, 2008

Concentration-The Magic Key To Success

Success is like a mystery to most folks living on this planet. It is very disturbing to the untutored why some should have everything life offers while others live in abject dissatisfaction and underachievement. You may find yourself in this group of the frustrated. The magical secret to success is what I want to reveal to you in this article so that you too can understand the quiet and powerful tool the super successful have been using to climb the ladder of great achievement. You don’t need to be extraordinary and super to apply this key. Ordinary people like you have used it to achieve extraordinary results. Think about new invention or trend. Think about any new discovery. Think about any new cloth in vogue. Think about any new method of solving a nagging medical problem. Think about any new way to doing things to achieve greater and faster result. This magic key is the secret behind them all. Anyone who will may apply it usefully to transform his life and fortune. This magic key will unlock the door to unbelievable riches. It will unlock the door to fortune and fame. It is very easy to use this magic key to unlock the door to physical health and well being.
This magic key unlocks the door to education and unleash your hidden potential. It is your gateway to any position you may ever think of or imagine in life. This magic key will make you powerful just as it has done to brave men and women who applied it in the ages past. Marie Curie applied it and won the Nobel Prize twice- one in Physics and another in Chemistry.
If you are a messenger presently in a very low position and desire to become great in life and be in a better position, this magic key will help you to achieve that goal. Napoleon Hill used that key. He became a most celebrated author of Think and Grow Rich. His life was transformed from that of an ordinary errand journalist to a super human being who got the attention of political leaders of his age. His ideas still continues to transform the lives of countless people who desire riches and want to run businesses of their own. Bill Gates used this magic and became the world’s richest man at 40. Warren Buffet used this magic key and became the richest investor of all ages. Think about it. What could have been responsible for the widely acknowledged success of Donald Trump in real estate business but for this magic key. All these people accumulated vast fortunes and wealth.
This magic key cuts across all facet of human life. It will unlock the prison doors and turn hardened criminals into agent of change and dependable human beings. This magic key turns misery into happiness.
The question now is what could this magic key be?
This magic key is Concentration. It is a 13 lettered word. Very simple but powerful. It has a tremendous power that transforms life like a tornado in action. Concentration I’m talking about here means your ability to fix your attention on a particular thing you want to achieve and thoroughly familiarize yourself with that subject until you have mastered the nitty-gritty of the matter and move ahead to achieve your goal. You say no to any form of distraction whatever the sacrifice may be. Think and Grow Rich is a world’s best seller today. Very few people are there who know that it took Napoleon Hill 25 years to discover the principles espoused in that life-changing book.
Concentration in your ability to do away with destructive habits and build new ones guaranteed to make your life better. Concentration helps you to achieve complete self mastery. You attain a high level of discipline, have great power to control your thoughts and direct them to a definite purpose in life.

How To Automatically Condition Yourself To Acquire The Power Of Concentration
You need to vital supplementary keys to automatically condition yourself to attain the power of concentration.
The first principle is ambition. You need to be ambitious before you can use the power of concentration. Living aimlessly in life will keep you at the low ladder of success. You will remain a nobody and people will continue to look down on you. That is certainly not the kind of life you want to live. You want your life to count. You want to be a source of blessing to others. You want to have everything you want in life and be comfortable. You want to move to the next level in your career. You don’t want to remain uneducated. Have ambition. Aspire to be great. Take steps to improve yourself then attaining the power of concentration will not be difficult for you.

The second principle is desire. Desire is a chief factor and foundation for any successful enterprise in life. It is like a fuel that drives your car. It is the stimulant that awakes your imagination. Desire starts any good thing you can think of in life. When you combine desire with ambition, you are ready to automatically condition yourself to attain the power of concentration. That is it for you. The magic key of concentration works. Rise up and start to use it to improve your life and future.

To Your Success
Benard Solomon

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