Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How To Write And Get Your Books Published

Think And Grow Rich is a popular and useful book that has transformed the lives of many people all over the world. If the book was not written, nobody will be able to read it not to talk of gaining from it.

The power of books is amazing. It can transform the fortunes and destinies of people and change their stories from zero to hero. Ben Carson read a book and his life changed forever. Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase read a book and he never remained the same.

Apart from changing lives, books influence minds and changes the fortunes of those who care to write it and get it to those who needs it at a ready price they are ready to pay.

This write up is not about books. It is about you. Do you have a talent for writing? Are there ideas flowing in your mind and you are absolutely sure that others will need it? Have you written a book and it is rotting away on your desk because you don't know how to get it published. If you even know how to get it published what about the money to publish it? I see. That's your own problem.

Wipe off your tears because you'll soon smile and your neigbour will wander why you have become so excited like charge electrons of recent.

What My Mentor Taught Me About Writing Books

Yes. I have a mentor. If not for my mentor. I couldn't have had my book written so easily and get it published.
If you are really serious about writing your first book, it is necessary to pay attention to the proven secrets placed on my hands by my generous mentor who showed me the painless way to write and publish.

In the teaching of my mentor, I discovered the secrets of his rising profile and a highly sought after author and influential citizen of my country.
So you want to ask me to quickly expose the secrets? No problem. That's what I am about putting in your hands free.
* He thought me to get a pencil and paper/notebook. That's very cheap you may say.
* He said I should write just as if I am talking.
* He told me never to write anything until I find those who are in desperate need of my knowledge.
* He gave me a proven idea of profiting from my book without having to sell it in any bookshop...ever.
* In order to turn the table against pirates, he shared the proven secrets of monopolizing my book and making sure nobody gets to steal it from me in any way.
Above all, he showed me, the well kept secret of highly successful publishers who have profited from their writing gift.

I went ahead to implement those secrets and without pain. I effortlessly published my first specialized book which is still very hot in the market But.......It is hard to come by because I'm playing the monopoly game. Think about the profits and gain through this timeless method of writing and publishing.

This Is Your Own Chance To Write And Get Published Without Pain.......

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How To Write And Get Your Books Published

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