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How To Identify And Use The Mysterious Rule That Affects Everything You Do

I know you will be wondering what I’m up to in this article. What I have for you cost one man many years to discover through painstaking research. In fact, after making the discovery, he did not keep it to himself. He recognized the power of the secret in all the activities of man and nations including the economy of the world. The universal application of this mysterious rule motivated him to share it with the world. Since then, those who have been fortunate to know about the rule have applied it to their lives with tremendous positive results.

This Secret Covers Every Aspect Of Your Life

It does not matter what category of human endeavour you belong now. Just as the rule affect a student, it also affects a banker. It governs the activities of an accountant. It does not leave out a businessman. It rules all that the husband does at home. It does not leave out the wife.
If you like to call this rule the essential tool for personal success. It could be called the power to be your best. It is a Vital Tip For Effective Living. Those who are priviledged to know this principle has had their situation changed from grass to grace. Nonentities had been turned into celebrities by simple awareness and application of this rule. You can apply it to profitably manage your finance. You can use it to maximize profits in your investment. You need to do away with trivial things and focus on essential things at every stage of your life.

The Pareto Principle And Your Life

Pareto was the man who discovered the mysterious rule I promised to share with you. The rule is called the 80/20 rule. It explains that 80% of all human activities is responsible for 20% of the outcome. 20% of all human activities is also responsible for 80% of the outcome. Let me explain better. 80% of your knowledge is derived from 20% of the books you read. You only get 20% knowledge from the remaining 80%. This is to say that out of every ten books you read, you learn most from just two of them. You can therefore significantly increase your knowledge base by identifying these 2 books and concentrate more on them to get maximum benefit.
As a businessman, 80% of your profit is derived from 20% of your customers. Among 10 customers you have, 80% of your sales is from 2 of them. These 2 are your loyal customers. They will patronize you no matter what. If you concentrate on keeping them and making them satisfied at all times, they can help you grow your business.
You can use the Pareto principle to effectively manage your time. 20 percent of your daily activities give you 80% of satisfaction and good results. Just identify those activities and focus on them.

How To Benefit From This Rule

Once you identify the activities that give you the best results, focus on them and give them priority in your life. If reading and writing gives you the best result and satisfaction in your daily activities, focus on them and develop your skills in these areas. You will grow to become a highly influential author, writer and leader. The power of focus will open the door for you and enable you to make great discoveries sometimes extraordinary.
Think about this again. 20% of your activities give you 80% of your results and reward.

How To Apply The 80/20 Rule To Everything

Vilfredo Pareto who discovered this principle in 1895 noticed that people in the society seemed to divide naturally into the ‘vital’ few and ‘trivial’ many. The vital few represents the top 20% in terms of money and influence and the trivial many represents the bottom 80%.
The average person procrastinate on the most valuable and important tasks. They busy themselves instead with the least important things that contribute little to results. I hope you are not like those who appear to be busy but achieve little results. You may have observed that the most valuable tasks you want to do each day are often the most difficult and complex. The joy is that they yield the highest pay off and reward.
Before you begin any work, determine if it is in the top 20% o the bottom 80%.
Here are simple steps to follow in order to apply the 80/20 rule to your life:

(1) Resist The Temptation To Do Small Things First: don’t forget that whatever you choose to do over and over again eventually becomes your habit. Habits are very difficult to break. If you start your day on trivial things, you will eventually develop the habit of starting and working on low value tasks. The results you get from that ends up in the 80% below average reward. Get started on the most important tasks daily and you will be motivated to do more by the time you start seeing the great reward.

(2) Think About Starting And Finishing Your Daily Task Before Hand: You get enough motivation by just thinking about starting and finishing an important task. The motivation you get empowers you to overcome procrastination. The valuable reward you get subsequently from your effort makes you feel satisfied and happy.

(3) Manage Your Time Well: Time management is life management. It is also personal management. Managing your time well gives you absolute control over events and life’s circumstances. You control what you do next. The key determinant factor of your success in life and work is your ability to choose between important and unimportant tasks.

(4) Discipline Yourself To Start On Important Tasks: The place of discipline cannot be ruled out in your quest to applying the 80/20 rule in everything you do. Effective and productive people usually discipline themselves to start on the most important task before them. They force themselves to get the task done first whatever it is. They therefore accomplish more than the average person. They are also more complacent and happier. Adopt this as your way of working.

To Your Success,

Benard Solomon

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