Monday, May 25, 2009

How To Write An Attractive And Compelling C.V.

Your C.V. is your sales presentation when hunting for any job you want. The way you package yourself will determine the kind of response you receive from your prospective employers.
Not many people can successfully sell themselves through this medium. Some C.V’s. flying around are so badly packaged that it never impress employers. Those without grammatical errors have nothing to differentiate them from others.
In order to grab the best job you so desire, you must write your C.V. attractively and make it irresistible.
This article is to reveal the secret techniques many job seekers never knew exist. They are not common and very few people could dare to implement the techniques.

Before laying the techniques bare before your eyes, let me bring to your notice what someone wrote about getting any position you want. ‘
He says ‘It is very easy to get any position one wants providing one has eh ability o fill it and make the right sort of approach in applying for the position’.

Now, let us get to business. Here are the winning steps to follow in writing an attractive and job pulling C.V.

1. Decide what position you desire: This is where to start. Edwin C. Barnes decided to become the business partner of Thomas Edison before he work for his company. The opportunity he sought came 5 years after he has worked as a cleaner in the same company. He grabbed that opportunity when it came calling. Thomas Edison promptly made him his sales manager. Decide ahead what kind of position you seek.
2. Accurately grade yourself in the following 17 principles of success:
i. Definite major purpose
ii. Self confidence
iii. Initiative
iv. Habit of saving
v. Imagination
vi. Enthusiasm
vii. Self-Control
viii. Covering Extra Mile
ix. Pleasing Personality
x. Accurate Thinking
xi. Concentration of Effort
xii. Cooperation
xiii. Profiting From Failures
xiv. Tolerance
xv. Golden Rule Application
xvi. Health Habits
xvii. Master Mind Applied

Score yourself marks in %.

3. State your age, nationality, schooling, work experience, email address, GSM number.
4. Send names and addresses of references
5. Write a covering letter stating
i. The C.V. sent
ii. The Position you seek
iii. Ask for opportunity to offer your service free for at least 1 month

6. Neatly type-set the C.V. without grammatical errors
7. Attach a recently taken photograph of yours.

Pitfalls To Avoid
1. Never apply for any position above you personal ability, education, race and experience
2. Do not make the mistake of grading yourself too high
3. Insincerity will kill your effort

Finally, remember that there is always a place for someone who sincerely follow he habit of rendering more service and better than that for which he is paid to do no matter how many depressions may come and go.

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