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Inspiring And Street Smart Success Lessons From 12 Great Nigerians

The fastest way to failure is to ignore people who have succeeded in the field in which you want to succeed. On the other hand, if you want to achieve lasting success, the fastes path is to learn from those who have been there before. The secret of those who have achieve greatness is hidden in their stories.

In this lecture, you will have the advantage of learning success lessons from 12 great Nigerian who have made it in this land. Forget about what people are saying. Nigeria is a fertile land. Those who saw it that way and took action reached the promised land. Some of the things that made them highly sought after is what you'll find in this lesson.

They cut across all facet of the Nigerian strata. Some are in the transportation industries. Others are in the food and beverages, sports, publishing, ICT, custume, event planning and journalism. One thing-they all have different perspective to success.

It is believed that you'll find your own path from the traces they left behind in the path they have tread.

Success Lessons From 12 Nigerians You Cannto Ignore

Here are the 12 Nigerian you may want to know:

  1. Frank Nneji: He is the CEO of ABC Transport. When he was a corps member, he raised N750 to start his business. He had no formal education in business and he was inexperienced but he dived into the shark infested world of business at age 23. Today, he is an example in how to run consistent profitable business enterprise and still remain credible. Here are the success lessons from this great Nigerian:-
  • Define your goals clearly
  • Never allow people to discourage you from pursuing your dreams
  • Have a dogged determination to succeed
  • Become an expert in your field.
  • Read, read, read and study to master your area.
  • Delay gratification.
  • Take risks, use resources and capital to create wealth.

You can call those lesson 7 street smart success lessons from Frank Nneji.

  1. Otunba Isaac Durojaiye: He was the one who opened shop for business and never had a single customer for 4 years. This is to say, he waited for 4 solid years to make his first sale is business. He is the one who pioneered human waste management business in Nigeria and on a large scale. He created the slogan ' shit business is serious business'. He is the CEO of DMT Mobile Toilets. What success lessons can we learn from this great Nigerian?







  • Determine God's purpose for your life and stick to it.

  • Be pragmatic. Trust your intuition.
  • Do extensive research.
  • Always believe that in crisis time, there is a miracle.
  • Get ready to pay the price.
  • Start with what you have

Let's call his success secrets 6 Wonderful Steps To Enduring Success.

  1. Abolaji Osime(Mrs): This enterprising young woman is a serial entrepreneur. She is the CEO of world of fun and global international college. She is a hyper active woman whose organisation has placed more than 300 Nigerian in different universities in the UK. Here are success lessons we can extract from her:
  • Never be afraid to start things differently.
  • Learn to foresee problems before they come.
  • Learn from those ahead of you.
  • Pay attention to the business side of what you are doig.
  • Be daring. Make impact.
  • Help others to succeed.

Her lessons reveal to us 6 Practical Ways To Sweet Success.

  1. John Tani Obaro: If you have heard about SystemSpecs, this is the man who created it when software rarely existed in the vocabulary of many Nigerians. He left a comfortable and high paying jobn to pioneer software development business in 1991. The success in his chosen business shows a clear pathway to a focused life. Here are the success lessons from this guru:
  • Learn to define your niche area.
  • Focusing your energy helps you achieve a lot.
  • Be well organized and always play to your strength.
  • Trust God.
  • Have a long-term vision.

In Obaro we see 5 Uncommon Success Lessons You Must Adopt Now!

  1. Bamidele George: This philantropist run an orphanage in Lagos, Nigeria. Her passion is to love and care for abandoned children. She believes in living for a cause bigger than oneself. Her real life started in 1990 when she discovered that her pupose in life was to care for the less priviledge in the society. She shows us less talked about path to success thus:
  • You need a good relationship with God.
  • You must be goal-oriented.
  • Background and challenges of life can be indication of ones calling.
  • It is important to take notes.
  • Start on time.
  • Take advantage of role models.
  • Carry your family along and engage their support.
  1. Pat Utomi: He is well known as a practitioner and teacher of entrepreneurship. He is a multi-talented Nigerian with core conpetencies in teaching and creating new businesses. He was a special assistant to former President Shehu Shagari at 27. He was also the Managing Director of Volkswagen Nigeria at 32. His life shows teaches us that you are not limited by the lower made at the university. He came out with a second class lower grade. What success lessons can we learn from him?
  • What makes for success is strenth of character, knowledge and a sense of service to others.
  • Stay close to values that are good and keep reinforcing them.
  • Be contented.
  • Follow your desire even if people think you are crazy.
  • Never give up.
  • Think creatively.
  • Do what others overlook.
  • Increase your skill level.
  • Stop comparing yourself with others.
  • Work hard. Nothing just happens.
  • Respect other people no matter their status in life.
  • Be obsessed with self development.
  • Do the work you enjoy.
  • Get mentors.

Are your eyes open to the 14 Creative Ways To Achieve Success In Record Time? That's what Pat has shown in his success lessons.

  1. Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase: He was a recruit in the Nigerian army with children and wife to cater for. The low income and limited education was a limitation to realising his dream of a comfortable life. Through self-development effort, he took GCE exam and followed it up with a training in sport journalism. Between then and now, a lot of things has changed. He is not only a publisher of popular tabloids like Complete Sports, Complete Football, Success Digest Extra, Complete Water etc, he is also the pioneer of Internet business and training in Nigeria. His examples shows that you don't need a university certificate to make it in life. Let's see what success lessons we can learn from this great Nigerian:
  • It's never too late to change your direction in life.
  • Very good books can transform your life.
  • Don't just read, learn to apply what you read.
  • Persistence is the key to success.
  • Never miss it in marriage. A very supportive wife can propel your life to heights you never dreamt of.
  • It's okay to fail. Don't take it personal. Try again each time you fail.
  • Don't depend on a single source of income.
  • Find what you really love doing and how people can pay you for it.
  1. Leke Alder: He is the CEO of ALDER CONSULTING. He studied law at the university of Ife but never practiced it. His passion lie in the arts. He loves painting and creating art works. He is the fore-runner of the branding industry in Nigeria. Here are the success lessons he propagates:
  • Follow your heart.
  • Be willing to pay the price.
  • Work at developing your gift no matter your educational background.
  • Be bold and never get discouraged.
  • Stop managing, start leading.
  • God cannot be separated from it all.
  1. Kehinde Kamson (Mrs): She is the CEO of sweet sensation-a business she started as a room and parlour outlet. An accountant by training, her desire to spend more time with her children led her to resign from her job. But she was not idle. She started making cakes for sale which later grew to become a formidable fast food outlet. According to her, success lessons to be adopted are as follows:
  • Never be afraid to start small.
  • Build gradually. Don't be in a hurry.
  • Put passion into everything you do.
  • Pursue good education.
  • Right timing is very important.
  • Never quit.
  • Always seek God's guidance.
  1. Larry Izamoje: He is the CEO of Brila 88.9 FM. He was well known for introducing music into sports broadcasting in Nigeria working at OGBC 2 FM, Abeokuta. His is very passionate about talking sports. His company is the first all sports radio station in Nigeria and Africa. Success lessons from his stable are:
  • Find something that you really love doing.
  • Don't stay on a job that is depressing you.
  • Develop a healthy relationship with God.
  • Keep pedalling. As long as you do, you won't fall.
  • Be the best at whatever you do.
  • Don't compare yourself with others.
  • Be humble. Say no to pride.
  • Make your money work for you by investing it.
  1. John Momoh: He was a newscaster with the NTA in the 80's. Now, is the CEO of Channels T.V. He carved a niche for himself in the private T.V. industry years after he decided to set up a unique television station outside government control. He had a stint with poverty living in one room apartment with his seven sibblings and parents. His success story is really spectacular. He teaches us that you are not really down until you begin to think so. Here are success lessons from his stable:
  • Don't dabble into areas you are not meant to be in.
  • If nobody trains you, train yourself.
  • Develop a passion for your dream.
  • Continously improve yourself.
  • When opportunity knocks, grab it.
  • Find your talent, develop it and use it.
  • Clarify your goals.
  • Stay on the side of truth.
  • Add value to other people's life and money will follow.
  1. Adenike Ogunlesi: She was admitted to study law at the university (ABU Zaria) but dropped out after 2 weeks. Not that she was not brilliant; she felt that university education was not meant for her. She had another passion in making fabrics which she learnt from her mother. She is today the CEO of Ruffle 'n' Tumble. Her uniques success lessons are:
  • Discover yourself early.
  • Make a U turn no matter how far you have gone in the wrong direction.
  • Grow to the top don't jump to the top.
  • It may be tough but you'll get there.
  • Develop and master a skill. It will open doors for you.
  • Youn people should invest in real estate.

Go over the success lessons from these 12 great Nigerian over and over again. It is certain you'll start doing something differently.

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