Monday, May 11, 2009

52 Proven Path To Abundant Success

Discover The Simplest Steps To Motivate Yourself For Life-Time Achievement

The truth is, many people desire success and achievement but they are soon frustrated by lack of correct and timely information. If you really seek easy steps to life-time riches, here they are in a box…

1 No One Drift To Success. Understand that the person who acts with purpose and a plan attracts opportunities
2 Learn How To Live Your Own Life. Name any highly successful individual you know. You will find out that they are unique in what they do. You have the prerogative over your mind. Exercise it. It is the only unchallengeable right you have.
3 Motivate yourself To Achieve Success. How do you get this done? Develop a burning desire for something you wish to have in order to reach a greater goal. Stop wishing. Decide definitely that you will have it.
4 Budget Your Time And Income. The successful person budgets time, income and expenditures. This skill will empower you to be disciplined.
5 Create Strength Out Of Struggle. Struggle is a clever way through nature compels humanity to develop, expand and progress. Without it, success is unthinkable. Begin to see struggle and difficulty as your opportunity to fully realize your dream.
6 Be Sincere To Yourself And Others. Sincerity is a trait that pays off in self-satisfaction, self-respect and spiritual ability. Others can easily detect your sincere disposition. It will sustain you through difficult periods.
7 Be Hopeful At All Times. Hope is the raw material for building success. It transforms into faith. Faith into determination and determination into action. Hope never make ashamed. It has great powers and possibilities.
8 Cultivate Patience. Patience has been described as the courage to change the things you can, the willingness to accept the things you cannot and the wisdom to know the difference. Patience is a positive force to direct your destiny. The power of patience strengthens you to overcome obstacles.
9 Be Flexible. Flexibility means the ability to bend mentally and physically to adapt one’s self to any circumstances or environment while maintaining self-control and composure. This is the first trait of a pleasing personality.
10 Imbibe Enthusiasm. ‘Enthusiasm is the radio wave by which you transmit your personality to others’. It is more powerful than logic. Know for sure that nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm. It is the winning skill to get others to accept you and your point of view.
11 Use Your Personal Magnetism. Here is the secret to influencing others and making friends. You can get people to find it difficult to resist you even on initial contact with this skill. Everybody has a measure of personal magnetism. Learn to use your own profitably.
12 Have Confidence In Yourself. Out there are people who are ever ready to shout you down and kill your dream. Self confidence is the only means to make your subconscious mind to work for you. Remember that your subconscious mind believe everything it is told. Use your subconscious mind to build your self confidence.
13 Strengthen Your Strength Of Humor. Develop a cheerful disposition. It will make you more likable and attractive.
14 Exhibit Creative Showmanship. You can get yourself into the heart of others by simply paying special attention to niceties of courtesy and politeness. You’ll be more appreciated if you appreciate the values of others.
15 Choose Your Goal. About 2 out of every hundred people actually know what they want from life. These are the leaders in every walk of life. They make life pay off on their own terms. Decide precisely what you want, how much of it you want and when you want to have it in possession.
16 Use Your Personal Initiative. Personal initiative is the only cure for procrastination. There is no more destructive human habit than procrastination. Take voluntary action daily towards achieving your goal. This is personal initiative.
17 Get The Job You Want. The best job offered you may not be the one with the highest pay. Always think about the future and what you really want to become when hunting for job.
18 Smartly Get Your Promotion. Though not in the conventional way. A creative way to get unusual promotion is to offer more and better service than is expected of you.
19 Be Resourceful. If you cannot do a task, find someone who can do it so that you still achieve your results. You will be marked out as a good executive material.
20 Lend A Helping Hand. One of the surest ways to achieve your own success is to help others to attain theirs. Almost anyone can contribute to those who are less fortunate.
21 Live Harmoniously With Others. If you can’t get along harmoniously with others, you cannot be successful. Follow peace with all men. Even without it, no man can see the Lord.
22 Let Others Help You Achieve Success. It is certain that success will come more quickly if you learn to use the education, experience, ability and influence of others.
23 Welcome Help From Others. In your time of worry, you cannot think clearly. This is the time to seek the aid of others whose minds are not clouded by fear and worry.
24 Work With Your Team. Cooperation is indispensable in your home, your job and your social life. Learn to induce friendly cooperation from others.
25 Operate Under The Force Of Humility. No. Humility is not a negative virtue. All of humanity’s greatest advances whether spiritual or material has been based on it. No matter what your goal is, humility is a powerful and positive trait you need to achieve personal success.
26 Boost Your Self Esteem. One of the most effective ways to boost your self esteem is to find some persons as models whose achievement you would like to equal or exceed.
27 Wake Up To Meet Your Positive Self. If you aspire to the higher planes of success in life, you should become better acquainted with that great, powerful, positive self who lives in your body.
28 Acquire The Power Of Positive Mental Attitude. Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, your mind can achieve. Learn to positively take possession of the power of your mind and direct it to ends of your own choice.
29 Tell Yourself ‘I Can Do It’. Remember that you cannot stand still. You must move upward towards success or downward toward failure. The choice is yours.
30 Practice The Habit Of Optimism. Optimism develop from good sense of humor, hopefulness, ability to overcome fear, contentment, positive mental attitude, flexibility faith, decisiveness and enthusiasm. Instead of worrying about the bad things that might befall you, spend a few minutes everyday enumerating pleasant events that will happen tomorrow.
31 Control Your Mental Attitude. Your mental attitude can be controlled by a burning desire, close association with people who are positive minded, daily devotion and definite directives.
32 Appreciate The Value Of Positive Thinking. A positive mind attracts opportunities for success while a negative mind repels opportunities and never take advantage of them when they arise.
33 Let Habits Work For You. All of us are ruled by habits. Reorganize your habits and build success habits by concentrating your effort on whatever the desire.
34 Think Accurately. Accurate thinking separates facts from fiction. Facts are also separated into important and unimportant ones. Accurate thinkers know that emotions are not reliable. Accurate thinkers protect themselves through the power of reason and rules of logic.
35 Cultivate Creative Vision. Creative vision reveals new ideas, concepts and plans. It operates through the sixth sense. This is the way to discover new inventions and products. New breakthroughs are impossible without creative vision.
36 Concentrate Your Effort. Most successful people have mastered the skill of concentrating on a single thing at a time, instead of spreading their efforts over many fields.
37 Have An Open Mind. Intolerance is a two edged sword that cuts off opportunities and lines of communication. Open mind helps you to develop vision.
38 Recognize Blessings In Failure. Surely, failure sometimes becomes a blessing. If often opens new doors to opportunity. It also provides firsthand knowledge of the realities of life.
39 Learn From Defeat. There is adversity in life. However, each adversity comes with the seed of equivalent benefit. Defeat bring people under a spirit of humility so that they can acquire wisdom and understanding.
40 Overcome Fear To Reach Your Goal. Fear is an obstacle to success. It is your responsibility to control fear and turn it into useful tool for your success.
41 Discipline Yourself. According to Benjamin Disreali-former British Prime Minister who developed his willpower to its greatest capacity after repeated failures, ‘The secret of success is constancy of purpose’. You should turn on the full powers of your will and take complete control of your life.
42 Stop Making Failure Out Of Your Children. Napoleon Hill’s step mother gave him the best chance to take a shot at responsible living. She created time to build him up in skills he never thought he could acquire. History shows the great success he later achieved. Learn to give your children reputation to live up to irrespective of their mistakes today.
43 Identify The Spiritual Power Of Grief. Sorrow can serve a highly useful spiritual purpose. It can break old, unproductive habit. It is also a medicine for the soul and mind.
44 Look In The Mirror. There is a man who can help you attain your life’s success. You must learn to depend upon him and get acquainted with him. Check him out in the mirror.
45 Never Surrender Your Emotion To Mean People. No one can make you angry or hurt your feelings without your cooperation. If anyone offend you, forgive and put your hurt behind as quickly as possible. Your state of mind is something you can control completely. Never surrender it to intruders who envy you and are determined to get you offended.
46 Use The Unbeatable Master. Faith is the unbeatable master. Choose faith instead of fear. Condition your mind to believe. Put your faith to work. Active faith knows no fear. No self-imposed limitations. With faith, you’ll be mightier than disaster, stronger than failure and more powerful than fear.
47 Give Thanks Everyday. Whatever status of success you may attain, remember that you did not do it alone. Some people contributed to it. Show gratitude to God and those who have helped you one time or the other. By so doing, your personality will become more courtly, dignified and gracious.
48 Close Your Door Against Unpleasant Experiences. Your experiences-good or bad are not important in themselves. What counts is your reaction to those experiences.
49 Be Contented. We brought nothing into this world and it is certain that we can carry nothing out. Be contented with whatever you have while working to attain your desired goal.
50 Not Too Much, Not Too Little. Seek happiness. Success is not all about riches. Money alone cannot bring peace of mind. Strive to be the master of money and not its slave.
51 Take Time To Assess Yourself. Critical and sincere self-analysis is very important. When often neglected, it is possible to derail from your target and be distracted so find time to review your activities and lifestyle.
52 Apply The Golden Rule. Life is a boomerang. What you sow, you shall reap. Be ready always to do to others what you want them to do unto you. Show love and kindness to others. By so doing, you too will get affection from them.

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