Monday, June 8, 2009

Do Your Home Work If You Want To Be Rich

Robert Kiyosaki has written books which has caught my fancy. I had learnt basic financial intelligence from his widely celebrated best-selling title: Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
No. I don’t intend to say much about that book now. This one I want to talk about was released in 2001. I had seen the title on pages of specialized financial publications and heard about it on adverts.
I Eventually Got My Copy
Fortunately for me, I was able to raise the money to buy my personal copy in 2009. The lessons are as fresh as when it was first written in 2001. Think about words like ‘If you want to be rich, don’t go to school’. That is too radical for a juvenile mind to understand. What about this ‘If you want to be rich, do your home work’. Okay, if that one too is radical or difficult to understand what about this too ‘My banker don’t ask for my report card’. Then what does my banker ask for? He also went on to say ‘money does not make you rich’. Ooh! Then what makes one to be rich?
You may not have all the gist in this difficult to resist financial tips goldmine for anyone who desires true and winning financial success.

61 Insights For Your Home Work
These quotes are culled from the book ‘Rich Kid, Smart Kid’ . They will open your eyes to fully discover the secrets to financial success.

1. For the first time in history, many well-educated people are facing the same economic difficulties that less educated are facing.
2. In the industrial age, the rules were go to school, get good grades, find a safe, secure job with benefits, and stay there all your life.
3. In the information age, the rules are go to school, get good grades, find a job and then retrain yourself for that job.
4. To keep up with change, you need to relearn everything every 18 months
5. In the information age.what you learned is important, but not as important as how fast you ran learn, change, and adapt to new information
6. In the Industrial age, the smart kids went on to become doctors and lawyers. They made the big bucks.
7. In the Information age, the people who make the big bucks are the athletes, actor and musicians. Many of the doctors and other professional people are actually making less than they did in the Industrial age.
8. Instead of hoping to find a good job with a big company, more and more students are starting their own business in their dorm rooms.
9. Home schooling is no longer a fringe form of alternative education. Today, the number of kids being educated at home is increasing by 15%.
10. A person does not need to go to college to learn facts. He can learn them from books.
11. Imagination is more important than knowledge
12. Money is an idea
13. Financial intelligence is not about how much money you make, it’s about how much money you keep and how hard that money works for you.
14. Too many people work too hard for money and slowly kill themselves in the process
15. Too many people think about working harder rather than about how to have more fun and enjoy this great gift of life
16. 85% of a person’s success in life is due to ‘skill in human engineering’. The ability to communicate and get along with people is much more important than technical expertise
17. Your true education begins when you leave school
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