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How To Get The Job You Want Anywhere You Desire

How To Get The Job You Want Anywhere You Desire

The global recession has unleashed unto the world a precarious situation of severe job loss. Many young people currently in college are trained to pick up job in areas that matches their skills. The problem is, those who are in jobs are being retrenched by companies to save cost and survive the recession.
The ghost of unemployment is on the high rise. What hope is there for you as a job seeker?

Think Out Of The Box

Is it possible for you to still get any job you want in this seemingly difficult world unemployment situation? Yes. That is why I am writing this piece to open your eyes to creative principles that can land you the job you want.

If you are not ready to do what is unconventional and imaginative, don’t bother to read further. These job hunting techniques I want to reveal to you are not what the job seekers out there are doing. They are proven methods that work at all times if they are faithfully applied.

Get The Job You Want In 8 Simple Steps
Before I go into the proven secrets of getting any job you want, let me relate to you the life story of a young job seeker who used creative methods to get the CEO of his prospective company to want his service so desperately that he was engaged even before going for his national youth service.
This story I want to relate to you was narrated by the CEO of the company. Enjoy it……
‘I met Abdullahi in February 1996. No, I didn’t me him. He wrote me a letter from Kano, which he sent by courier. The letter reads:
Dear Sir,
I have just read the January 1996 edition of your un-put-down-able magazine; and I was most impressed by the practicability and workability of the ideas it espoused, especially those contained in the 6 Great Ideas To Brighten Your life in 1996; Roger Dawson’s You Can Get Anything You Wand and Ziglar Teachers You How To Set Goals to mention but a few.
It was after I was trough with it that I went back to the book I was reading-Enthusiasm Make The Difference By Norman V. Peale-where I read an idea which I believe if put to use by your organization will boost your sales, lead to production of top-flight managers in Nigeria who will better manage the Nigerian economy and also improve our lots.
I am 26-year-old graduate of Economics from Bayero University, Kano. I will be going for service in either late May or early June, so this leaves us with at least about 4 months to test the practicability or otherwise of this idea.
It will cost your organization nothing but a letter of introduction and a few unsold copies of your reputable magazine Success Digest. This idea has worked miracles in the United States of America, and I believe it can also work wonders in Nigeria.
I will give you a sketch of the idea when we meet-if you would give me an appointment to see you, Sir. I could be reached through….
I am presently in Kano, but I’ll be in Lagos in the first week of February 1996.
I patiently await hearing from you.
Kind regards.
Abdullahi Lawore.

That was the master piece written by this smart young Nigerian unemployed graduate. The CEO was so impressed that he promptly reached for the phone and contacted this ‘genius’ Abdullahi. He promptly gave him an appointment to see him in Lagos.
After their meeting in Lagos, the CEO has this to say about the subsequent events…
‘The young man left my office only to turn up with a comprehensive detail of his strategy for selling Success Digest. Again, it was an arresting piece of information he put together. I couldn’t resist the urge to tell him to go ahead to practicalize his dream. That was how Abdullahi Lawore found himself a job.
Should I tell you the end of the story? After this pre-national youth service freelance job placement, the CEO hired Abdullahi after his youth service. No one wants to lose a smart and diligent enterprising go-giver.

How To Get The Job You Want In 8 Simple Steps

1. Self Belief: No one can get any job he desperately desires without proven self belief. Think about the content of the letter the young man used as an example above wrote.
2. Prompt Action: When you have something to offer, act on it promptly. Express your desire and service you wish to offer in a creative and concise way as to make your offer irresistible.
3. Applied Faith: Without faith, you cannot bring to life what is not yet in existence. You want the job you want right? You must believe that you can get it. Imagine yourself doing that job the best way you could.
4. No procrastination: When idea comes to you, the best time to implement it is immediately. Don’t waste time. Contact the authorities you want to work for. Remember that the young man never waited for job vacancy advert before acting on his idea.
5. Go Extra Mile: Do something unusual to create an irresistible impression in your prospective employer. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice some amount to get across to your employer speedily e.g. using courier or speed post.
6. Handle Rejection Carefully: on your way to implementing your ideas, not everybody you contact will accept your proposal. Learn to handle rejection carefully.
7. Focus On Service Before Reward: Concentrate on what you want to offer. Build your interest in the special service you have to offer. The reward will surely follow in droves.
8. Package an attractive C.V. that forces your prospective employer to fall over themselves for your service. This is how to be in control of your job hunting exercise.

I'll be talking on How To Write An Attractive C.V. in the next issue....stay tuned

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