Friday, April 17, 2009

Success Secrets Of The Great

What makes the great become so powerful? Enormous success power is not born with anyone. It is a skill acquired through life. You too can set yourself on the springboard of success used by the great of all ages. Here are the tips in simple A,B,C, form.

Abhor Failure
If you want to succeed , you must start well. What you do from the word go will determine to a larger extent what will happen to you. I mean whether you will succeed or not.
You must abhor failure if you want to succeed in life. Failure is very friendly. It is very, very easy to fail. It costs you nothing to fail. What I’m saying is that you must hate failure. Make it your enemy and you will be making a good start.

Be Yourself
You are a unique being that’s why you are different from others. That is why you bear a name peculiar to you. You have talents and gifts which God the creator has given you to excel so make sure you know yourself. Some people call that one self discovery.

Create Something
Yes! Folk, you can create something unique and peculiar. You can create a business opportunity, a good, a service, a model or any other thing you could imagine. You have the innate power. As a student, you can create a formula like Philip Emeagwali; as an entrepreneur, you can create a fast selling magazine like SunnyOjeagbase(Success Digest). Create something to give to others and success will be trailing after you.

Desire Success

As a man thinks in his heart so he is. If you desire to succeed, you shall succeed. You cannot have anything except you first desire it. Napoleon Hill spoke about it, Sunny Obazu repeated it. W.F. Kumuyi spoke about it in 4Ds of success. Great men who have succeeded in their vocations mentioned it. As simple as eating food is, you do not do it except you first desire it.

Enlist With Successful People
You cannot do what you want alone. You cannot achieve greatness in isolation. What you need is in the hands of other people. If you are a student, join the group of brilliant students in your class who knows better than you do. If you are an entrepreneur, join business groups which meet your standard. You will gain a lot from others and make life long contacts.

Frugality Is A Must
Be a good money spender and keeper. Waste no money. Money makes wealth but both of them are shy. If you know how not to waste money; if you know how to manage money; if you know how to handle money, you are on your way to success and wealth acquisition.

Learn to say thank you to God for your life everyday. Thank Him for the gifts He has endowed you with which money cannot buy. I mean good health and the ability to do what you are doing now. Learn to thank those who have helped you before, those who are helping you now and those whose favour you anticipate in the nearest future. This matters a lot.

Hone Your Skills
Do you know how to read? Continue to improve on it. Do you know how to sing? Improve yourself daily. Do you know how to communicate effectively? Go after better communication skills. If you know how to teach, make sure you are getting better on the job. Do not be discouraged. Keep on moving. Keep on growing in it and success shall be following after you.

Industry Is Vital
Success can never come near a lazy man or woman. If you are a time waster you cannot succeed. An hour wasted on unprofitable or unproductive activities is an hour far from success. Work steadily, work consistently, work with enthusiasm, work with dignity. You shall soon get there. The world shall soon celebrate you.

Just Do It
Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might. Do not be ashamed of any legitimate work that can earn you income. Continue working with diligence and that will be your stepping stone to greater heights.

Kindly Say No
You will have occasion to say no to irrelevant things in your life. Do not shy away from the truth. Kindly say no when it is necessary. Proposals that negate your dream and life goals shall be presented to you. Friend, learn to say No.

Love At All Times
Life will be empty without love. It is the essence of giving. It is demonstrated by giving what you have to others. It may be a service or product. It may even be your time, money or counsel. When you give to others, nature will set circumstances in motion to reward you for your benevolence.
Jesus Christ gave His life to save man from sin. He became the most talked about personality over the ages. Napoleon Hill gave “think and grow rich “ to the world; his legacy keep on enduring changing men’s life daily.

Mean What You Say
The words of your mouth will play a major , significant tangible role in your success in life. Be a man of you words. Be firm to say yes when you mean to say so and say No when you mean it. What I’m saying is that you must be honest and trustworthy. People do not like those who deceive them. Be predictable. Have integrity! In other words, let your yes be yes and your No be No.

Never Doubt Your Ability
If you do not have faith in your ability, you cannot go far. Believe in God and believe in yourself too. An unstable man cannot receive anything good from God. You can do that thing you have been dreaming about. It does not matter how long it might take you to achieve it. Stay connected! Stay motivated! Stay believing! You are able. David conquered big Goliath in the Bible. You can overcome your failures too. Have faith in God. Try that idea and you shall make it.

One Step At A Time
Do not rush things in life. Move step-wisely and with compact organizational ability. Do not be in haste. Take one step at a time. By so doing you shall prolong your life and conserve a lot of energy for future exploit.

Persistence Will Help You
Is there any uncompleted project being undertaken by you? Is there any goal you are yet to accomplish? Is there any product you have not succeeded at launching? Is there any subject you are yet to fully understand as a student? Don’t give up! Keep on working. Continue to read and study until you make it. You might need to double your effort or solicit for more assistance. You might need to engage the service of another person better than you. Move forward. Don’t be discouraged by the temporary setback. You shall have the desired breakthrough and excellent success if you are persistent.

Questions Surely Lead To Breakthrough
He who ask shall receive. If you cultivate the habit of asking questions, you are on your way to unlimited success. Ask questions! It might be your torchlight to stardom. How can I improve on my performance: how can I get what I want; who can bail me out of my predicament; who will buy my products; who can I assist? These are powerful questions that can change your life’s fortune.

Remain Focused
Never be distracted. Do not be moved by people who does not share your vision. Leave them where they are and march forward. They will surely celebrate your success with you when you eventually get there.

Stay Refreshed
Life is full of battles, pressures and it’s twin sister called anxiety. You can be free from these great giants and killers by making the Holy Bible your companion. It contains great messages that will keep you refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated and reinvigorated. Do not neglect this book of books. It is the root of success and dominion for millions of achievers the world over.

Trust In The Lord
Trust in the Lord with all your heart. You cannot do anything without Him. Always look up to Him for help. He can make a great difference when other things fail. Remember that those who trust in God shall be like mount Zion that cannot be moved but abide forever.

Use Your Opportunity
Never refuse any opportunity that comes your way to showcase your talent, skill, gifts or service. Do not withhold your service from those who need it. As you help others, you are sowing seeds that will grow into a great tree of success.

Vengeance Is Ruinous
Has anybody offended you? Please forgive! Don’t take it to heart. Make your mind known to the person as quickly as possible and forge about it. Don’t avenge yourself. Let God fight for you. The path of vengeance might be too rough for you. It will surely affect your health, depress you, distract you, demobilize you and even elevate your blood pressure. It will be disastrous if you allow the ghost of your offender to hunt you. Keep calm, cool and peaceful.

Wait On The Lord
God has a divine plan for your life. He has timed the events of your life. His time is never too late. He will give you good things of life in His own time. He surely makes all things beautiful in His time. Don’t forget that they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount with wings like eagles.

X-Ray Yourself
The x-ray reveals things that are hidden. Regularly check up on yourself. What is your attitude to life, people, relationships, friendship, partnership or commeradeship. Is it positive or negative? Is it cordial? Is it benefiting? Is it encouraging? Think about these things and make correction where necessary.

You can’t Beat God Giving
Hmm! Do you want to prosper in life? Do you want riches and God’s favour, do you want open doors in the midst of closed doors, do you want to achieve your goals with jet speed? Give to God. This you can do in tithes and offerings. Special occasions will arise when you’ll need to demonstrate your love for God. Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down and shaken together shall men add to your bossom.

Zion Is A Place To Dwell
Mount Zion typifies a place where people meet with God. It might be in the church, special retreats, seminars or revival meetings. Do not neglect these programs. They are powerful avenues to making it big in life.

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