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Multiple Skills For The 21st Centurey:Multiple Streams Of Income For Unlimited Wealth

That was the topic of the lecture I delivered to a selected group of University Students at the campus on the weekend Sunday 19th April, 2009.
The students were highly motivated and desperate to learn about personal development tips and how to be on top of their personal finances.
Their enthusiasm was infectious and that impressed me so much that I asked them to tell me some of their desires. I already knew that every normal human being have desires which they will be ready to do anything legitimate to achieve. Previously, I had learnt that human desires are many and cut across all races and religion. Men are the same every where in terms of what they want in their life time. So in order to practically engage my audience, I put it across to them to say their desires. I pointed at nine people who listed the following desires one after the order……..

1. Success
2. Good Health
3. Serve God
4. Be wealthy or rich
5. Authority/Power
6. To Be Loved
7. To Be secured
8. To own Business
9. To Look beautiful/decent/presentable

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Okay. Enough of that.
What I shared with those group of students who cared enough to devote their evening to learn about financial education and personal development that can empower to start generating life time income right from the campus so that they can attain financial freedom is what you will get in this write up.

So what were they taught in that sensational and unforgettable moment?

13 Top Skills For The 21ST Century
There are skills compatible with the information age. Whatever vocation or profession you may belong, you need multiple skills to survive in the 21st century. Every skill you acquire have a cycle and season. If it is up today, it may be down tomorrow. A good example is the current global meltdown in the stock market.
Once there is no more demand for the service your skill can provide, you stop earning sustainable income from it. That can hut your finance and negatively affect your family. You want to be able to put food on your table so that your wife and children can feed well and live a good life but if your single source of income is blocked what can you do? I don’t wish that for your enemy.
Smart people in the 21st century knows that what they need to bullet-proof themselves from poverty and attain financial security is to acquire multiple skills and earn multiple streams of income.
These 13 Top Skills naturally attract income that could swell your bank account so let’s consider them one after the other………..
Skill 1 Entrepreneural Skill: You need to learn to make money one way or the other. You want to be rich or wealth. Wages can make you comfortable but you only be wealthy when you make profit. The only way to profit is through entrepreneurial vocation. Every profession has its entrepreneurial side. Explore it. It is a vital skill for the 21st century. Learn to create wealth through business enterprise.

Skill 2 Internet Skill: Every top money earners and highly rated professionals in every field are internet savvy. You want to get to the top right? You need to acquire internet skills. You don’t have to know everything but know basic concept of how it works and how you can use it profitably.

Skill 3 Computer Skill: This is closely related to internet skills. Get familiar with basic computing skills. Enroll for a computer training class. It is one of the vital machine you cannot ignore in the 21st century. Learn how to operate the computer by yourself. There is a way you can operate the computer without typing skills if you are scared of taking typing lessons. Money will follow this skill. It is guaranteed. Top companies want people in their organization in specific fields but they must be able to use the computer machine. So empower yourself and make yourself attractive to your prospective employer.

Skill 4 Writing Skill: Can you talk? Then you can write. Put down your thought down on paper. You can do this easily and inexpensively. You can afford to get a pencil and jotter right? So learn to write as if you are talking. That is what I am just doing as I write this article for you to read. It is as if I am talking to you. Are you following? Ok.
Know certainly that some people are right there waiting for you to share your knowledge with them. Writing it down makes it easy for these people to learn from you through your books when you are not physically there. There are software you can use to translate your voice to letters and simple book people can read. It is a time tested skill that generates life time income if you master the skill.

Skill 5 Sales Skill: No one get to use your service if you don’t offer it to them. When you sell successfully, you will make money. When you make money, you can earn profit. On vital skill you must acquire is how to sell yourself successfully through life. Napoleon Hill has done justice to this topic in his book-Think and grow rich. Leave a comment on this post at the comment link if you wish to get a free copy of the powerful, life-changing book.
Skill 6 Budgeting Skill: A vital skill you can certainly not afford to ignore in the 21st century is how to budget your time and money. Determine in advance how you want to spend your money before you get it physically. You can double your income instantly with this skill. You will be empowered to be more productive and highly effective. Most income earners fail in their quest to be financially secure and free because of lack of this skill.

Skill 7 Copy Writing Skill: How do you attract people to beg you for your service or product? It is through persuasive writing skill. Your offer must be compelling and crowd pulling. It must grab the attention of the readers. This is the secret behind the success of newspapers and highly successful publications. It about knowing powerful words that sell and make your offer irresistible. You need to learn this skill. With this singular skill, your clients will keep on asking for more.

Skill 8 Money Management Skill: No matter how much you earn if you don’t know how to manage it, you cannot expect to become rich or wealthy. It is easier to spend money than to manage it. Your attitude to money is vital to your financial success and the only way to attain such lofty height is to learn how to manage money. It is a time tested, proven strategy for creating and building wealth. You should master this skill. It will empower you to generate income for life. I shall elaborate more on this very soon.

Skill 9 Marketing Skill: Getting your prospective clients to know about your service or product and getting it into their subconscious mind until they are consumed with the desire to exchange their money for your service is what marketing is about. People must be exposed to what you have to offer before they can buy it. If they don’t know about it, they won’t buy it. If they don’t buy, you won’t make money.

Skill 10 Public Speaking Skill: Some folks find it very difficult to stand before people to talk. They are scared to hell just because they lack the ‘know how’. If you want to truly make friends and positively influence people, this is a vital skill to acquire. Some doors cannot be opened for you until you acquire this skill. It will connect you with people you never imagined you can meet in your life time. Apart from that, this industry is a multibillion dollar income generating niche.

Skill 11 Organizational Skill: Learn to get people to do certain defined project within a limit of time. This skill will position you for leadership automatically. It is about using the talent and time of others to achieve a target. In your case it could be to make more money.

Skill 12 Farming Skill: Not the type you are thinking about. Simple gardening is the most popular aspect of this skill. What about keeping a backyard poultry or snail raring? This skill puts you in control of the king of food and meat you eat and it is vital for your good health and long life.

Skill 13 Cooking Skill: People like good food. It adds pleasure to life and guarantees satisfaction. There are recipes that keep those who eat licking their fingers while they ask for more. Special recipes once you know them are needed by other people hanging out there. They will be ready to pay you to teach them how you do it so effortlessly to the delight of others.

There you have it. Multiple skills that guarantees you continue to generate a life time income.

I had promised to elaborate on money management skill earlier in this write up. So let us talk about it but succinctly.

7 Money Management Skills Guaranteed To Put You OnThe Path To Wealth

These are the money habits of the rich. You need to adopt it from today to spice up your personal finance.
1. Value It. What is the value of money to you? Do you know that you can get rich on one dollar a day? You can replace that with the currency of your country wherever you might be reading this piece. At the rate of 20% interest, one dollar will be $1million in 32 years. So that one dollar in your hand is a money seed. It is a potential million. Don’t waste it. Value it.
2. Control it. You should be able to determine where your money goes. Do this in advance. Write it down. Get a ledger book for your expenditure so that you can track how you spend your money. You will have information of how usefully you have been spending your money.
3. Save It. Expert advice that you save at least 10% of your profit or wage. Pay yourself first. By saving money, you are laying the foundation for your wealth. The money you save will save you. The money you save must have a purpose. In summary, if you don’t value money, you won’t make the effort to control it. If you don’t control it, you won’t be able to save it. If you can’t save it, there won’t be any surplus to invest. That leads us naturally to the 4th money skill you must acquire.
4. Invest It. There are investment vehicles you can use to multiply money. Stock market investment and real estate guarantees a life time of passive income. Learn to invest. This is what you should use your savings for.
5. Make It. This is the entrepreneurial side of money. This is the path to regular income and profit. With wage, you earn income but with making money, you can generate profit.
6. Shield It. The rich set up corporation to protect their wealth. You should think about that after you had successfully reach step 5.
7. Share It. Bill Gates foundation is currently sharing his life time wealth with poor African Countries to fight polio virus and malaria scourge. This is how to put wealth to work. Use it to empower others and add value to their lives. Make them live comfortably through humanitarian services. Bill Gates has estimated that for the next 100 years, he will keep on spending money without having to work for money again. He earn $3million per day.

Yes. There is it. The hidden money management skills you had always wanted to know. I hope you’ll give yourself the chance to profit from this life-changing information. Take ACTION and take practical steps to implement them personally.

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