Friday, March 27, 2009

7 Proven Secrets Of Success

Success have many definitions. Some attribute it to achieving a set objective. Others think success is about how broad your financial asset is. Better view of success is on how many people you have influenced positively or helped to reach maximum self-actualization.
There is an uncommon area about success which you must be familiar with. 7 top secrets of real success shall be examined.

1. Series Of Unexpected Problems: The real secret of success must have an element of unexpected problems. When Joseph had a dream of becoming great, he never expected that along the way, he would be framed up. Those who are successful in life face several unexpected problems. When you start something new, you will experience turbulence. Your desire for success will attract difficulties you never imagined. Your will must be tested. The Wright brothers were arrested and imprisoned as lunatics when they declared their breakthrough about ‘flying machines’. Know for sure that when you start toward a new goal or project, you will make mistakes which will cost time, money and emotion. Mistakes help you to develop the knowledge, skills and character needed to succeed. Problems, reversals and temporary failure are unavoidable path you must transit on your way to success. Nelson Mandela never expected to be imprisoned for 25 years when the anti-apartheid struggle began. He developed sound character and powerful temperament which contributed to his being elected South Africa’s president and now a celebrated world leader. If you want real success, expect unexpected problems.

2. Understand How To Respond Effectively To Problems And Learn To Unlock Your Mental Powers: You are an emotional being. When problem comes, they either overwhelm you completely or build you up. Your response to problems your face on the way to life’s success is absolutely in your hands. You cannot predict the events but you can control your response. You are responsible. One of your winning strategies when problems come your way is to be strong. Never get angry, lash out or blame others for your problems. Such attribute end up making you depressed and irrational. Your ability to respond effectively to problems as they come is a critical part of the equation. Understand that strong people prepare ahead by expecting problems on their way to success. Weak people are dismayed and shocked when problems come. Here are few strategies to help you respond effectively to problems:
1.. See Yourself as a problem solver.
2. Remember that you will get a greater opportunity to solve bigger problems by solving the one at hand
3. Decide to be big. Big people solve big problems. Little people solve little problems.
4. Develop Great confidence in yourself. Confident people are those who have effectively dealt with the greatest number of problems, large and small in their fields

3. Calm Down And Think In Terms Of Solution: Here is the next consideration for real success. You should be able to resolve in advance that you will remain calm no matter what happens to you. Preprogram yourself mentally to deal with problems calmly. Being calm empowers you to be in control and more objective. Thinking in terms of solution means you are ready to take necessary action to immediately control any damage , minimize risk or go ahead whatever the cost. Remember that Jesus Christ face the cross with utmost calmness. He never argued with his accusers and persecutors. He was maltreated and seriously beaten but said nothing evil against His captors and executors. The kind of success He enjoyed thereafter is phenomenal and unprecedented in history.

4. Clarify Situation Of Things: This strategy will ensure that you stay focused on your goal. A very easy way to clarify situation of things when you encounter problems is to ask questions. What exactly is the problem? Double check your facts. Sometimes, the solution to a problem may be hidden in the problem itself. Your problem may be an opportunity in disguise. The imprisonment of Joseph in the bible connected him with the king servants who later recommended him as a problem solver. Prior to that time, he had settled in his heart the fact that he committed no crime to warrant the ill-treatment and injustice done to him. He had confidence and was strong. You will be in better control of situation when you clarify issues and have all the facts.

5. Express Yourself In Positive Language: The use of positive language is very vital for your success. ‘A man shall eat good by the fruits of his mouth.’ When you express positive words in hard times, you are only laying the foundation for sure success. Positive words have the power to unlock hidden potentials and bring about extraordinary results. Instead of saying problems, a popular counselor advised that you use the word ‘challenge’ instead. You can also use ‘opportunity’. This will enable you to have positive emotion for psychological balance. Your language is a seed. Your results in dependent on your confession.

6. Stay On Course: Do you know that problems come to distract you from reaching your destination? If you chicken out, you will never count among the successful people in your field. You need to persist through the inevitable setbacks, detours and turbulence until your arrive at your destination. It if your job to learn to navigate through the difficulties with calmness, clarity and complete self confidence.

7. Spend Sometime Alone: Being alone empowers you to develop your innate potential and discover your real self. It is the time you have the opportunity to draw out your hidden qualities. It is the only time you may have to reflect on your situation, review past events and project into the future. Great determination is on of the direct benefit of setting time apart to be alone. By so doing, your success will be guaranteed. These are the real secrets of success.

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